Covid-19 November Update

Given the recent rise in local case load you will begin to see some changes again at B.A.T. For the time being we will not be allowing new patients to make appointments online. Please text/call 818-519-6425 with questions. The schedule may change in order to follow local regulations if those begin to change. Please be patient if I need to cancel days of the schedule or move appointments around in order to provide a safe atmosphere for all.

As of 3/14/2020

B.A.T will be closed until April 1 do to the pandemic.

In 2 weeks, we hope to be open, but we will be evaluating and assessing this situation as it continues. We thank you in advance for your support and patience, and look forward to seeing you when we open our doors again soon. 


Please check this section often as this situation is very fluid and will likely change constantly:

Here at B.A.T.  we wanted to address what we are doing to help prevent the spread of corona virus this season. We have always taken cleanliness and patient safety very seriously, and we will continue to practice diligent hand washing/sanitizing and the wiping down of frequently-touched surfaces.
Ways one can do their part to help the community:
First, please do not come in for treatment if you have a fever, sore throat or a continuous cough.
We have always asked folks not to come in with a fever and we hope that everyone will be especially conscientious about it now. Please wait 72 hours after your fever has broken before coming in to the office.
An occasional cough, in the absence of fever or other signs of illness, is not in itself worrisome. However, if the cough is frequent we ask that you stay home, both to prevent spreading germs and also to prevent worrying others. Similarly, if you are experiencing uncontrollable sneezing or any other potentially communicable illness (e.g. vomiting, diarrhea, strep throat, pink eye), please reschedule your appointment.
We do not charge a late-cancellation fee for cancellations. However, we do ask that you inform us as soon as possible if you need to cancel so that we can plan accordingly.
We also humbly request that you wash your hands before coming in to the treatment room. We have wet wipes available in the waiting area for anyone who would like to use them.
We’re doing our best to change laundry as often as possible. If you would like to bring in your own clean sheets/blanket feel free.

While we try and remain open through this time you will notice many fewer slots. I’ve reduced the number of people/hr and will be allowing for more space between chairs. That also means it will be difficult for new patients to schedule during this period. I apologize in advance, and hope this will be a short time of inconvenience.

We understand that this is a stressful and uncertain time for many people. We very much appreciate your trust and continued support. We will follow CDC/Erie County health recommendations as they are published.